tree surgeon TREE SURGEON

Hedge & Tree Trimming

Tree trimming can improve the overall function of a tree. Flowering or fruit-bearing trees can be trimmed to encourage better growth and denser blooms or fruit production, allowing for more attractive and/or useful trees. We offer a full garden pruning and tidy service which includes: · Shaping and sculpting of shrubs and hedges. · Cutting in beds and boarders · Leaf clearance · Weed killer, shrub and bush killer.

If you keen to learn and are home when we are working why not take ten minutes to learn about pruning. we can tell you the basic do’s and don’ts or help show you finally how to prune victorian or modern roses.

We have a chipper so all waste is processed on site and taken away. If you have the space and would like we can chip all green waste in a corner of the garden or compost bay. Then next year when this green matter has partially decomposed it can be spread on the beds and borders as mulch.

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