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Sos tree Surgeon offers a wide range of services all related to the care and maintenance of your trees and shrubs. We are known for working to very high standards, the services we offer are the following:

Stump Grinding:

Our tree surgeons use bath a 13hp diesel stump grinder and a mini digger as appropriate to the tree and particular the roots belonging to the tree.

Crown reduction and pollarding:

This is the process of removing outer branches to reduce the size of the tree. This tree service can be done to: Let more light into a garden, make trees safer near overhead cables, stop roots growing further destroying paved or tarmac surfaces.


Sectional dismantling is the process of taking down medium to large sized trees a piece at a time. This involves using ropes and spikes to climb the tree, then if needed, the use of ropes to lower the branches to the ground. This technique is ideal for trees that are over hanging buildings or conservatories, need to be fell in a confined space or are close to power lines or other obstructions.

Hedge trimming

Many customers don’t have trees that require and work doing on them, but they call SOS tree surgeon every year to prune their hedges. We have long armed hedge trimmers and pole mounted cutters. So we can reach most from the ground. But if the hedge is really high we can use our platform to work from.

Tree pruning:

Tree pruning can improve the overall function of a tree. Flowering or fruit-bearing trees can be trimmed to encourage better growth and denser blooms or fruit production, allowing for more attractive and/or useful trees.

Site Clearence:

Site clearance is the removal of green vegetation including trees and shrubs which have become overgrown, or are no longer wanted. This process often requires a specialist 4×4 off-road machine with winching, lifting and chipping functions. All waste is removed from site. The wood chip and mulch that is produced from these trees is allowed to rot down and the following year is recycled and used on gardens across the county as a weed suppressant.

Garden Maintenance:

SOS tree surgeon also employ green fingered persons. though we don’t offer a maintenance round in the traditional sense as our customers are spread throughout the county, we do offer a morning or afternoon maintenance visit. Most of our customers like this because twice a year SOS tree surgeon can blitz through the whole garden, pruning, weeding, cutting in beds, applying weed killer, pruning fruit trees and roses. Then all that is left for you is some pottering between visits.

We offer a full garden pruning and tidy service which includes:

  • Shaping and sculpting of shrubs and hedges.
  • Cutting in beds and boarders
  • Leaf clearance
  • Weed killer, shrub and bush killer application
  • Planting trees, shrubs and herbaceous
  • mulching beds and borders

Full landscaping service:

SOS tree surgeon is owned by Summit landscaping who are the market leading company in the area for design and construction of gardens since 2003. Though both businesses are run completely independently we would be happy to pass on any interests you might have. And of course you can be guaranteed the same great service you have come to expect from SOS tree surgeon.

Now that you know the services we provide, contact us now for a free quote!

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