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Site Clearance

Site clearance is the removal of green vegetation inlcuding trees and shrubs which have become overgrown, or are no longer wanted.

This process requires clearing shrubs, hedges and any vegetation This is all chipped and removed from site. Now most of the area is clear, it is safer to work, felling of all the trees can happen. Once on the ground they are cut into managable pieces and removed from site. All that is left is roots and stumps these can be dug out using a digger and skipped. Then if required we can grade out the area with the digger as required to leave the area flat and safe. We would recommend that if the site is going to be unattended for some time a schedule of weed killer applications is set up to keep the ground clear.

We have been called in to do Site clearance on over grown gardens, compounds and sites. Usually this is the solution when things have been allowed to get out of control. We can systematically clear a heavily over grown area taking the whole thing back to flat soil. Perfect to start construction, planning a new garden or surfacing.


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