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Stump Grinding

Sos Tree Surgeon stump grinding service.

We use a large diesel stump grinder for larger trees. This is most effective for trees with tap roots (a large main root going straight down) The grinding blades take the stump down some 12” below the surface. Allowing the area to be turfed or replanted. (preventing honey fungus and taking away a potential hazard from park or garden).

For trees with Flat / horizontal or net roots a stump grinder is not the best option or it only partially removes the roots. We have a mini digger that is more appropriate in the effective removal of these tree roots. The down side of the min digger is that it requires more space to remove the stumps and can make a mess of the ground, but it does get out more of the root.

With all our work we can remove all waste from site and we leave the area looking tidy and presentable when we have finished.


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